Jim Doucette

Jim grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and in recent years has spent significant time in Northern California. He is an artist, a skier, a writer, a percussionist, an AT thru-hiker, and a person dedicated to pursuing the creative.

Doucette gained experience and skill in printmaking through creating wedding gifts for friends and family and commemorating adventures in the mountains. Most recently, landscapes in New Hampshire, Maine, Virginia, California, and Alaska have captured Jim’s interest and inspired his block prints.

Doucette uses wood and linoleum blocks to create prints which focus on the natural world, home, and landscape. His work captures the times and scenes that stay with us, the terrain we are tied to forever. He is fascinated and awed by the environment, and the human love of place. His goal is to vitalize a subject or scene that transfixes and transports the viewer and acts as a portal to memory.

There is no going back in printmaking. Jim enjoys the way light and dark can evoke a diversity of shadow and texture, can bring to life a complex scene out of nothing more than cut and uncut. He loves the beautiful mistakes as much as the intended design, the thickness or thinness of ink, slightly off-kilter registrations, or an unusual color combination that can bring new meaning, mood, or perspective to a piece.

Although there is only one block for each project, with its very definite cuts, the printed outcomes are myriad. The process for any particular print is always clearly visible in the final piece and the human element shows through in a beautifully unique way in each iteration.