Doucette Creative works by commission. Commissioned work turns a special scene into a standout and original gift to surprise a friend or loved one. You can begin with a photo, a meaningful image or a broad idea, and bring it to life in a physical, enduring print. Render your favorite mountain view in ink and hang it on your wall. Keep special, far away places close.

The commissioner chooses the size, color, mood, and number of prints desired. Pricing varies depending on the size and scope of the work and can be based hourly, or on the piece as a whole. Please contact Doucette Creative directly for more information about commissions and future projects.

Process and Editions

Because of the large size of many of these blocks, and the print-by-hand method, the number of prints and editions are limited. Mosts blocks will be printed between 25 and 50 times. Currently, all prints are from first edition runs. Second editions of prints may be issued depending upon demand.

All prints are created using a single block, with a carving surface of wood or linoleum. Doucette Creative uses nontoxic, professional grade inks and high quality, acid free, 100% cotton paper to ensure beautiful, lasting images.

Large prints are created by hand printing, pressing block to paper and applying pressure. “Hiker at Sunset” was created with the help of a small press.

After hand drawing an inverse image onto the cutting surface, and mapping out the design, Doucette uses a variety of fine tipped chisels to bring the image out of the block. Then ink is rolled on the block with a brayer and pressure is applied to transfer the ink to paper.